The TROWIS GmbH, headquartered in Chemnitz, is a rope manufacturer specializing in high-performance fibre ropes for materials handling applications. The company’s main activities are aimed at large-scale production of high-quality fibre ropes with outstanding operational reliability for premium quality traction drive elevators and winches. We are also focused on producing customized lifting slings. Thus, the company name, TROWIS, is derived from the first letters of the English words (T)raction (RO)pes (WI)th (S)afety.

Our Services

  • development and production of fully synthetic crane, winch and lifting ropes
  • development and production of fully synthetic slings
  • twisting
  • development and production of rope accessories, such as re-usable rope bobbins
  • analysis, evaluation and optimization of textile-based traction devices and their processes