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At the TROWIS GmbH, we produce ropes for cranes, elevators, and winches. What makes our ropes unique is the material they are made from. We use high strength plastic fibres instead of steel wire ropes. These fibres offer a wholly new scope for design for running ropes. Add state-of-the-art production technology, and the result is the perfect rope.

TROWIS ropes are designed as a self-monitoring fibre composite that warns the user in advance when it is time to remove it from service. This gives TROWIS ropes the highest operational reliability.

TROWIS ropes are up to 80 % lighter than commensurable means of suspension. This not only ensures better handling during installation, but also makes greater lifting heights possible.

The initial elongation of TROWIS ropes is up to 85 % less than that of conventional fibre ropes. In other words: when you use TROWIS ropes, there is no preloading to stretch required. Put the rope on and get to work.

In comparison with conventional ropes of identical diameter, TROWIS ropes are also up to 40 % better in terms of load capacity. This, in turn, means less rope is needed per machine or larger net loads.

Finally, TROWIS ropes last up to 7 times longer than conventional ropes. This contributes to both lower maintenance and repair costs and greater equipment reliability.

Lift ropes

6 mm … 10 mm

Winch ropes

10 mm … 18 mm

Lifting slings

10 mm … 50 mm


10.000 … 150.000 denier

Ropes accessories
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TROWISour Philosophy
Safe, but lighter

Safety and reliability are central to our efforts to supply high strength fibre ropes for lifts and elevators.

Lighter, much lighter. Lightweight design is the basis for new technical solutions in rope design - the main advantage our ropes have over classic steel ropes is their substantially lower weight.

Customer Benefitfibre meets rope
  • up to 80 % less weight
  • minimal initial elongation thanks to our TEXELMA finishing
  • highest operational reliability due to self-monitoring rope design
  • greatest loading capacity provided by high-performance fibre materials
  • maximal service life thanks to high-performance lubricants
  • optimal lubricant distribution due to innovative coating method
  • application-oriented rope finishing

Question: Your ropes are impregnated with special lubricants to increase their service life. How do you guarantee that there is no slippage between your well-lubricated core rope and the fibre that surrounds the core?

Answer: Our innovative TEXELMA coating technique makes sure that the lubricant is only deposited where it is needed. This not only provides a slippage-free core/ casing bond, but also precludes gas emissions from coating components that can result in defects in the case of thin-walled extrusion layers.

Question: Core ropes with fibre casing, in particular ropes with extruded plastic layers, act as thermal insulators. How do you thermofix your ropes, and why?

Answer: Using the TEXELMA technology, our ropes can be thermofixed through the whole cross section – regardless of the rope diameter – in less than 2 minutes. Thermofixing causes the molecular chains to be newly aligned, thereby increasing tensile strength by approx. 30 % and reducing the initial elongation by approx. 85 %. Initial elongation of our ropes is so minimal that it is not necessary to reel in TROWIS ropes; they can just be used after they are put in place.

Question: How do you design the rope’s-end-to-end connections?

Answer: Thanks to high transverse strength and abrasion resistance, classic wire rope solutions, such as gibs and cotters, disks, and U clamps, can be used. Press sleeves are not useful due to relaxation effects. Non-sheathed ropes are fitted with traditional eye splices.

Trowisin a nutshell

„We at TROWIS produce ropes for cranes, lifts, elevators, and winches as well.“

Contactwe welcome new inquiries

Annaberger Straße 240
09125 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 (0)371 5347630

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