The bigger version of the T300 is a high-performance twisting machine to produce rope yarns for ropes, round slings, and non-crimp fabrics. This machine, which was delivered at the end of September 2020, is another TROWIS investment into its state-of the-art equipment to manufacture fiber ropes for traction and load-bearing applications.

After a three-week test run and having processed several hundred kg of fibrous materials, we are more than satisfied with the quality of the yarn made and the high production speed as well. With a maximal speed of 2500 rpm, the Tornado almost flies over our sensitive yarns – reproducibly, homogeneously, and without causing any surface damage. Initial tests confirm our impression – the rope yarns achieve maximal tensile strength values with minimal variation. Equipped with the Tornado 400, we can implement rpm values from 12 TPM to 75 TPM from now on.

The bobbin creel for this machine has a capacity of 30 yarn bobbins; by mid-November 2020, it will be extended to 60 bobbin heads.

In this way, TROWIS can offer yarns from 10,000 to 150,000 denier count, as well as contract manufacturing, for a variety of customer-specific semi-finished products.

We can produce for you yarns in Z- and S direction from HMPE, TLCP, and high-strength polyester, as well as from your fibrous materials – with or without PU sheathing. We currently deliver our yarns on cardboard tubes, laying width of 400 mm and winding diameter of up to 400 mm.

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