Do you know this too? You are winding ropes on a plastic bobbin and “crack” – the pressure on the flanks has caused the bobbin to burst and your beautiful, new rope lies on the ground and can only be wound up again with great effort. We have the alternative to the plastic single-use bobbin.

What characterizes our re-usable bobbins:

  • Due to the use of PVC sleeves and multiplex flanged discs, the rope bobbins are especially durable and weather-resistant.
  • The flanges are square, which prevents the bobbins from rolling away and allows them to be stored one on top of the other. Finally, attachable rails provide the necessary position fixing.
  • With an outer dimension of 40 cm, they are ideally suited for storage and transport on euro pallets.
  • The bobbins can be stored both vertically and horizontally, with 6 bobbins vertically and 12 bobbins horizontally on a euro pallet.
  • Each flange has four drill holes for fixing by ropes, lashing straps or mechanical connectors.
  • Additionally, the bobbins can be safely and easily moved or lifted by removable handles located on both sides.

Our standard bobbin has an outer dimension of 40 cm, a laying width of 66.5 cm and a take-up diameter of 30 mm. The bobbin volume is 77,250 cm³.

TROWIS bobbins are available in various sizes and are equally suitable for textiles and metallic products.

With four months of endurance testing and plenty of positive feedback, we are starting sales for our bobbins and look forward to your inquiries.

All information as PDF: Click here!


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